Next Level Church
Monday, March 30, 2015

Connection Groups

life should never be lived alone!

We encourage everyone at NLC to be a part of a Connection Group! Our Winter/Spring Connection Group Semester is January 25th, 2015 through April 20th, 2015.
To get involved with a group today, or just to find out more information about all of our Connection Groups, click on the bar below!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of groups do you offer?
Connection groups are all interest-based.  Some may be Bible studies, others might involve playing basketball, and still others may incorporate serving meals to the homeless!  We want you to meet other people while doing something you are interested in.
How often do the groups meet?
That is entirely up to the group leader.  Some groups meet once a week, others meet every other week, and some are just once a month!  The leader will make all group members aware of the schedule (and the schedule will also be posted on the connection groups website). 
How long is the commitment to the group?
Our groups run for three months (as we know that interests change along with schedules!). We encourage you to commit to the three-month time-frame in order to give relationships a chance to grow!
If you have any other questions, please email NLC's Connection Group Director, Joelle Rolfes.