As you may know, for the last 6 years we have done Advance One Day and it has been incredible to see all of the business leaders across Southwest Florida be encouraged and taught leadership principles that take their business to the next level.  The value that has been added to our communities and businesses has been incredible! We are so thankful for the opportunity and privilege to have added so much value to the business community of Southwest Florida over the last several years.


But all good things in life and leadership must come to an end. So, we wanted to let you know that we will not be having Advance One Day on March 29, 2019.


From year to year our Executive Leadership Team reassess where our energy and resources are being poured into, and as an organization we agreed that it would be best to cancel AOD.


We know that some of you might be disappointed and we apologize if this caused any inconvenience for you or your teams. If you have any other questions please email,

Thank you for your understanding!

Advance One Day Team